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It's started!

I thought it didn't start until 9 am?


  • nmd6
    158 posts Member
    Initial impressions are that its a good event. The chance for long time players to get stuff that we may have missed years ago when we were donut poor. Tokens that can be bought with sprinkles. Plenty of skins and bundles. The chance to boost your multiplier with returning specials. Plenty of stuff for the designers to get creative with. Ok the format is much the same but for the vast majority of us this is a free game so we can't really complain that much.
  • The files clearly say 2PM UTC. Some people aren't good at time :wink:
    NEW : XMAS2020_Start - 2020-12-09 14:00
    NEW : XMAS2020_Act1Start - 2020-12-09 14:00
    When in Doubt, Release The Hounds.
  • I want the turkey!
  • Oh my goodness. OH Maeye GOODNESS.
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