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Lagging Issues

I went to work on buying and placing Burning Bushes this afternoon. Jumped from around 620% to over 1,300%. Sometime during the last 100% the my game really started lagging. Every time I tap something the points and cash drag across the screen in slow motion. Ugh. I placed all the Burning Bushes I bought throughout the game, behind hedges, around my XMas items, etc.

Is this an issue that's going to get cleared up with an update or do I need to store some of these bushes?


  • Same problem here, but I bought even more. I'm going to try spreading them out in patches and making sure they're all turned the same way. I know from years ago that turning things this way and that way slows the game down from when I tried that with my Blue Houses. When I was buying the Burning Bushes I kept hitting the rotate button by accident but I didn't want to slow down.
  • And people wonder why there is an item limit 🤔
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  • I spread mine out and made sure they're all turned the same way and the lag has mostly gone away. This is in my new testing town and I don't have much space there yet.
    It doesn't help that they're animated.
  • So before the Burning Bushes and the accompanying lag I was producing about 30 donuts a day. Today I churned out 157.
    I think the lag is worth it.
  • Finally found out what was causing the lag; recycling. Did some digging on another thread and took a break from recycling and the game rans smoothly. As soon as I start crafting some metal, plastic, or glass it starts lagging horribly.

    It's not a big loss. At 2,064% I'm getting all the donuts I need. I just wish I'd found the problem sooner. I would have kept buying bushes and made a run at the 10K% club!
  • I did have lagging with Recycling, but one day it just cleared up and has not come back like it was before, it might dip its toes in the water now and again, but it largely stays away even if everyone are in the Depots.

    And all Krustyland rides stored.
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