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Mostly SOLVED--Missing Tasks /Christmas 2020 Glitch Thread

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edited February 2021
Edit 2 3 Feb 2021 The new event update has fixed many of the missing tasks. Please update from your app store. If you are still missing a task, Contact EA
--If you are missing ANY task that should be there THIS IS MOST LIKELY THE REASON
It is not a glitch but was used intentionally. It will need a patch or future update to fix it

List includes at least the following:
- Star Snow Suit Maggie share space atop the tree
-The Patriarch Give a Sermon
-Ms Claws flying the cat sleigh
-Mrs. Claus Party with the Elves
-Blue Haired Lawyer Deliver Lawsuits
-Rabbi Krustofsky Actually Read from the Torah
-Ralph Lick the North pole
-Kirk Protect Crops
-Father Sean Quote Contemporary Rappers in a Sermon
-Guatama Buddha Discard Material Possessions
-Brother Faith Preach with Song and Dance
-Kwanza Dr. Hibbert
-Luann Relax in a Jacuzzi Suit
-Jesus Cast Judgement
-Santa Flanders Go A Carolin'
Lots of characters lost tasks during this event so they could be used for the daily challenges. They used the coding of these visual tasks instead of having to code new tasks. They were not all used for the same daily challenge.
The next store update should clear it up. This includes tasks needed for questlines.
Just be patient. It will be fixed soon
Please post any glitches-- wrong code, missing boxes, stalled questlines here.
Santa's Wonderland box not showing although I need the turkey, that should be the only thing in there
Holiday Box showing but doesn't open and nothing should be in there anyway
Mrs Kodos Claus need the Rigellian Christmas Fireplace in the SW Box
Mrs Claws questlines gets stuck-needs cat sleigh item is in SW box
Deep Freeze gets stuck need Snow Bank it is in the Holiday Box
Santa Kang needs the Rigellian Christmas Spaceship from the Holiday box
All Fixed 15 Dec 2020
Pageant stage visual glitch--FIXED 10 DEC 2020
No snow on regular Elementary school--FIXED 10 DEC 2020
No snow on Toys Were Us--FIXED 10 DEC 2020
No Snow on Krusty Clown College--Fixed 17 Dec 2020
No snow on Krusty's Last Gasp Stage--Fixed 17 Dec 2020
No snow still on Klub Krusty Adult Retreat and Krusty's Retreat was like that last year i think-Fixed 15 Dec 2020 and they look great
task locked with weird code logic wrapper for Lisa to Ride the carousel
task locked with weird code logic wrapper for Bart Drive the Snowmobile Probably a daily challenge override
Astrolabe has no sound--Mine has sound so took off list
If the burning bush is in players vault it still shows the offer of 5 donuts back, even though it costs game cash for this event--FIXED 10 DEC 2020
Invisible Characters from this post https://forums.ea.com/en/the-simpsons-tapped-out/discussion/267132/invisible-characters-that-you-cant-collect-from#latest Not a bug
Anyone notice anything else or have any info to add?
If you get Conductor Otto, his first questline task to "Make Conductor Otto Self-Medicate His Sadness" isn't actually available. You need to send him on another task that does show.
Cletus special crop only shows up when you have a daily challenge for it. The channel 6 and kbbl show up in their lists to do anytime
the Springfield Games Cauldron earned in the Game of Games event does not light on fire like the one i got in another town in the Springfield Games event
No snow on The Klub Krusty Pool and Krusketeer's Set -Fixed 18 Dec 2020

Springfield dog pound only has snow in one direction
Make Springfielders Preach Their Version of Christmas - Tap to send Helen Lovejoy to worship with the Rev and if he's busy it freezes back button works or exit, then just don't send Helen unless the rev is free
Santa's Workshop sign's footprint is in front of the gate instead of behind like the fences
Apu's Apartment Christmas Facade stays locked after purchase and have the apt and quest done
Crazy Cat Lady's Facade stays locked after purchase and have ccl house and quest done
Santa's Little Helper's task 'Lead the Greyhound Sleigh' locked says logic wrapper requirement visual
Bart and presumably Milhouse's tasks at the Snow Bank "Storm the Snow Bank" still say quest even though snow bank and Deep freeze are owned and quest is done.

Marge's task "Sit on Homer's Lap" requires a quest that never started. The Santa Homie decoration was an event prize and the event quest prompted Marge to do the task
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