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Mostly SOLVED--Missing Tasks /Christmas 2020 Glitch Thread


  • > @1EllieG7294 said:
    > Try rebooting @Nuffmeister
    > if it is still MIA contact ea for help
    > Contact EA through the game
    > the site https://help.ea.com/en/contact-us/?product=the-simpsons-tapped-out
    > or on Twitter https://twitter.com/EAHelp/
    > Chat or phone is best during business hours in US Central Time M-F

    Thanks Ellie, I did reboot and tried everything I could think of.

    I sent in a ticket with screenshots showing the Santa Kang missing from the Holiday Mystery Box as I'd already claimed him, the task Kang has to make the toys, and him missing from the Winter 2017 collection. I'll just wait and hopefully they can help me.

    Thank you for replying!
  • The Klub Krusty Pool, Krusketeer's Set and Springfield Dog Pound don't have snow on them. I'm not sure on any other items that don't have snow on them.
  • Thanks @PotBellyPigeon I'll add them to the list.
  • Just an update on my issue, I contacted EA Help as advised and they quite quickly fixed my problem. On my next log in I received the Santa Kang pop up and the Rigellian Christmas Spacecraft. Thanks again Ellie and EA Customer Support!
  • EA has been really great for fixing issues in this event
  • 1-Graham-S
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    edited December 2020
    All these patches and I still hit a glitch !?!

    3 ticket daily challenge - Make Springfielders Preach Their Version of Christmas - Tap to send Helen Lovejoy to worship with the Rev and if he's busy it freezes !!

    Don't panic. Your device "Back" button will un-freeze the game, then just send everyone else and don't try Helen again. Send her on a regular task instead !!

    EDIT - I'm told you need to quit the game if it happens on an iPad.

    It is a joint task, so it does work if the Rev is free
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    You'll often find me on tapped-out.co.uk
  • The Christmas carousel doesn’t work if you have won it through one of the boxes, if you click on a character who can ride it ( Homer, Lisa, Ralph or Milhouse) you get a locked task saying “logic wrapper requirement visual *something*. This is only where you have got it this year, in my other town where I gained it in the original event it works fine.
  • ^^ just noticed the same thing for Bart and the “drive the snow mobile” task, looks like some of the graphics for these prizes haven’t been added?
  • I wonder if the Carousel and Snow Mobile issues are due to old quest requirements from the xmas 2018 prize tracks ??
    Looking back, once those were won the next part of the prize track quest included the task(s) to ride/use them and they wouldn't trigger unless the previous prize tasks were complete.
    Maybe it still applies, without realising you can now get the items without completing that prize track and with nothing to trigger the quests and unlock the tasks ??
    You'll often find me on tapped-out.co.uk
  • Added to the list, Thanks
  • smharris129
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    Santa's Little Helper's task 'Lead the Greyhound Sleigh' has the same logic wrapper requirement error.
  • I wonder if there's a link or if it is just coincidence that he logic wrapper issue is affecting what were winter 2018 prizes ??
    You'll often find me on tapped-out.co.uk
  • added thanks
  • Not sure if a glitch, but I'll post anyway...

    I got the Ice Palace from the Yearbook, but I did not get the Ice Princess Martin skin. I do have Martin as a character.

    I know it's also available in the Santa's Wonderland box, should I have gotten it there instead of the Yearbook?
  • @severenausea
    Yeah they come together in the SW Box. Contact EA and complain and ask that they give him to you
  • [quote="1EllieG7294;c-2175384"]@severenausea
    Yeah they come together in the SW Box. Contact EA and complain and ask that they give him to you[/quote]

    Is this the same with the Jewish Heaven? I also got it from the Yearbook, but Yahweh was not included.
  • Yahweh is brand new
  • 11EEvey
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    Kwanza Dr. Hibbert's questline will need to be done after the event as the daily challenge for Make Springfielders Preach Their Version of Christmas will take precedence. I am not certain but I think that is what the hangup in the questline is
    edited: I have a town that just got this costume and I was able to do it fine. Perhaps it is only interfering when there is a daily challenge needing kwanza hibbert
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  • Ms. Hoover is stuck and can’t complete the Ice King Quest
  • @AlexxPizzi can you give some more info? The exact name and part of the quest, the items needed or purchased. Exactly what happens
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