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A Demo of my Yearbook navigator program

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edited December 2020
My hubby let me throw the current version of the program I'm writing up on his webspace. It sort of works as is, but it needs a lot of stuff added to it - like a secondary program to set up your personal Yearbook contents, and a way to change 'wanted' (green things) to 'unwanted' (red) without manually rewriting the data file. And yes, I've figured out how to do most of that I jut haven't implemented it yet. I did get the Christmas tree up in our house and got the gifts ordered (arriving soon!).
So you can go there and play around with it, but unless you speak Javascript you're out of luck using it until I have time to write the rest of it.
The niftiest part of the program is that it allows you to sift through the items you have until you find 5 (or 4 or 3) things that you want on the same line. Of course then you still have to go into your game and hit the Yearbook Refresh button however many times the program tells you.
Oh, yeah, I might include the link (Doh!).


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