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Really Missing the Falling Snow

Though I like the event as a whole, it is missing that little bit of magic that the falling snow brings.


  • Yeah me too think it’s been missing a few years. Come on ea bring back the falling snow please
  • Completely agree with you... I still really appreciate the snow on the ground I think it looks amazing, but miss seeing the falling snow! Small features like that make a big difference... Saying that, I’ve got to say, I’m really enjoying this event so far :)
    Username: KidHawley
  • PotBellyPigeon
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    edited December 2020
    Maybe if enough people mention it then it might be added in the next patch update since EA need to fix the Santa's Wonderland bug (Santa's Wonderland disappearing from the store with one item still inside). If it worked for Halloween (the falling leaves, music and rivers were added changed with a patch update after people were commenting about it) then hopefully it'll work with the falling snow.

    EA, if you're reading this please add the falling snow and fix the Santa's Wonderland bug. o:)
  • I like that they still have the breezy winter howling sound. But, I agree. A little blowing snow would be nice.
    Make Nightmare Pile like Zombie Sandwich. All kids trick or treat at once.
  • I had completely forgotten falling snow as a winter feature but now I really miss it. Did it last the whole winter?
  • I haven't played for a couple of years but all my past memories of Xmas had falling snow. I loved the snow this year but really would be nice to see the falling snow too... Would make such a difference!
    Username: KidHawley
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