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Beta testers needed for Yearbook Navigator program

I need some guinea pigs... I mean beta testers for the latest version of my Yearbook Navigator program. There's still some stuff left to do, but I need to a bunch of people to try the program and see if what I have so far works correctly.
Currently you can tap the names in the lower grid to change from Unwanted (red) to Wanted (green), and then search for 1 to 5 items to come up together. You can mark things owned and it even adds in the Stonecutter skins (etc) when you Mark the corresponding items.
I don't have the undo code written for the skins yet, so you have to reload the page if you're just playing around.
I have had this program freeze my computer, but I put a limit on the search to stop that. I don't advise changing the Find to more than 999. I've managed larger numbers without locking up my computer since I optimized the routine, but...
You can find it here.


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