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Rigellian workshop?

I have the Rigellian Christmas toy workshop, but for some reason am unable to do the task in it - 'make kang make cheap toys' - what am I doing wrong. The task isn't listed in Kang's tasks.


  • It requires the costume Santa Kang to do the task and the Santa Kang costume is in the Holiday 2020 Mystery Box.
  • I've sent in a ticket about this. I got the Santa Kang costume from the Holiday 2020 Mystery Box but the game has not recognised it as such. I have the questline started, the Rigellian Christmas toy workshop and Kang, but as the game has not recognised me receiving the Santa Kang outfit I cannot equip him with it to do the task.

    The Santa Kang outfit is also no longer available to be won from the Holiday 2020 Mystery Box, it is gone from there and my collection. You may have the same issue as I do.
  • I have the santa kang in the holiday mystery box, so if I get it, I'll soon find out if it works
  • OK, got santa kang from the mystery box, and it opened up the Christmas workshop task. So I guess yours must be bugged
  • its fixed btw now
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