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Why buy new people when they go on jobs?

I really don't understand this...

For many new releases, you can buy a new person, to earn more Whatever, but they come with long tasks and even lock people up longer to complete them.

What is the POINT in this madness?

I spend Donuts for a person, not to take up my time for them to complete quests until I can use them.


  • I always use new characters to complete the event tasks and then complete their quests afterwards.
  • As above if I purchase a new character in a event I firstly use them for the benefit of extra items in the event, then when that is complete I do their individual quest, it gives me something to do while I wait for the next part to unlock.
  • Think most do want the other 2 posted. There is no rush to do the new character quests that won’t disappear
  • What the others said above. The characters quest will still be there when the event is over. I personally look forward to events for the premium character/building offerings.
  • Yes, like the others said, you aren't obligated to finish the new characters tasks before you can use them to help with events. But, most of us grab characters because we collect them and don't know when they'll be available again.
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  • Same as everyone else has said.

    I would also add, it is not that different to getting a character or a skin as a prize.
    There would be individual quests/ tasks for that character, but if the event had finished by then, those quests or tasks would still be visible.

    If one of the quests is a 24hr one, but all your other characters are part way through there 24hr tasks, there would be an overlap if you were to task them, which could be a problem with rushing them.

    But if you send them on a shorter task, you would then send all of them on 24hr tasks when it suited you.

    It's the same with the characters you have bought, you will be able to do there specific tasks later.

    By not doing their individual quests or tasks, it is possible not all of their own tasks will be visible in their task list.
    Once they have done a quest you may get something like, "So and so's task ??? is now available", but this is the only thing I believe it affects.

    But this is not going to affect you or stop your game.
    It will not stop them helping on the event.
    I wanted to do it yesterday but I will invariably do it tomorrow (ish).
  • I always use new characters to complete the event tasks and then complete their quests afterwards.

    This is what I do as well
  • Well you know the thing is back in the day when events were hard having the premium character could have made all the difference between getting the last prize and not.

    Currently the events are so easy to complete without pressure you can use the premium character to do their quest first and still get the last prize at an easy trot.

    Going back before donut farming became so prevalent most of us would gallop gallop gallop get the last prize in the final hours and be green with envy of those that had the premium character, event currency producing building, tap all building, had finished days ahead of us and were racking up the bonuts.
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