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Logged out and can’t log in

Anyone else having issues? The game logged me out, and when I try to log in I get an error message.


  • Yes, I’m being told another device didn’t save and I need to use that device. I only play on my phone
  • I’m back in now...weird.
  • Yes, I’m being told another device didn’t save and I need to use that device. I only play on my phone

    If you get logged out and download even a little bit of data the game thinks you're on a different device. Just hit "Play Anyway" and Continue on the next screen.
    BTW: You should always go to the Neighborhood and back before closing out your game. That forces a sync with the server so you don't lose actions (or donuts, or cash, or...)
  • Happened to me two days ago too. Then I rebooted my handphone again to solve it
  • Been unable to login all day , I have try uninstalling and reinstalling but still says login error please try later . I’m level 939 and been playing for more years then I care to remember, but this is getting on my nerves any ideas people
  • @soldec12345
    If you get an error trying to log in:
    Go to origin.com
    and change your password to have less than 16 characters with only letters and numbers.
    Watch out for the app adding a space after entering your password in the game
  • I was told yesterday I was on a different device, which is rubbish, but I tried again and it was ok.
    I wanted to do it yesterday but I will invariably do it tomorrow (ish).
  • I was fine this morning, but playing another unrelated game earlier it told me someone was trying to get into my iPhone, so changed my password to the phone.

    Since that time I can’t get into this game even though I’ve put in the right password which was totally different to my phone.

    So not sure if a glitch or to do with the chancer who tried to get into my phone.

    Mands xxx
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