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Santa's Wonderland is... Wonderful.

At first I thought, not much IGC content, but when I discovered SW, I was somewhat relieved.
I've been emptying it as quick as I get the tickets, and I'm down to the last 5 items.
White Witch Burns, Igloo Mansions, First Christmas Tree, Eggnog Bar, Rotating Religious Holo-Statue.

Originally, there were only a couple of things that I really wanted out of it as I had plans for those items.
But I thought, I'm not going to look a gift horse in the mouth, one way or another it will all help, content, taxes, whatever.
But it has given me a flurry of design ideas.
Krusty's Kristmas On Ice can go with Ice Palace, King Winter's Cave and Igloo Mansions and form a ice/snow attraction, I can add Jack Frost's Candy Cave and I finally have a use for 50 Ice Tiles.
Though it could do with a few more bits and pieces.

Peak Inn with Ski Lift for a resort, though I'm not sure how I'm going to do that yet.

I think it's Jewish Heaven, place it with Seven Sisters on an island, probably don't belong there, but it's the look I'm after.

The Christmas stuff, obviously that's going with the rest, a Christmas fair.

Problem is getting enough tickets.
I have had all 3 slots full while trying to get 3 tickets on each, sometimes I have cleared a slot about 5am or 6am and then a new challenge has come in, but sometimes I haven't got up in time and lost it, all for the sake of getting a 2 up to a 3.
It's an item or 3 Donuts per ticket and sometimes it has worked and sometimes it hasn't, problem is I'm a bit like Sleeping Beauty, not in the beauty way obviously, but heck can I sleep, prince's need not apply but I'll keep my woodsman's axe under the pillow just in case.

I quite like this event, SW obviously, Moses storyline is great, not a bad Christmas.


  • baksinengl89
    887 posts Member
    edited January 3
    Agreed, the Santa's Wonderland box has been awesome imo. Getting so much good stuff for free.

    This Christmas event has definitely been the best event of 2020 by far imo.

    Hopefully EA can carry this concept into other events too like for this year's Easter and Halloween events too. Where you can trade in more event currency to get more free items or donuts.
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