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Twelfth night

Don't forget everyone. It's twelfth night today so make sure you find where you've put that plunger & turn off all your Christmas decorations before you quit the game tonight.



  • frosted1414
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    That's a thing? I guess if helps the environment I'll do it.
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    Whoa, whoa, whoa – I only accept cash, bitcoin, or GameStop stock.
  • That's a thing? I guess if helps the environment I'll do it.

    Oh no...

    No, no, noo

    We need to keep it all going so we can warm up Springfield, get rid of the snow and thus reduce the size of the app....
    You just had to look didn't ya!...
  • I am very familiar with 12th night. "If Music Be the Food of Love, Play On". I got an A for my preliminary O levels but I inexplicably failed for the actual one.
  • The only thing I remember about the play was that one of the characters (can't remember his name) was known as: "The master of cake & ale".
    I think this was what Tyrion Lannister in Game of Thrones was playing tribute to when he proclaimed himself "the Lord of t I t s & wine".

    Either job would suit me just fine, where do I sign up?
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