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A real time-saver for those still finishing tasks

This has probably come up before but it might be good information for new(ish) players playing under certain conditions.

These conditions are if you, like me A) haven't finished all regular missions yet and don't have all the buildings and B) are playing frequently enough that you are leveling faster than you are finishing level tasks (e.g. I'm on level 28 but still doing level 23/24/25 tasks).

I hate it when I have to complete a long task before I can start new a building. E.g. After finishing Dr. Hibbert's family practice you first have to have Homer do a 16 hour plant shift before you can start building the Burns Manor. I find that irritating because 24 hours for a building is certainly long enough for me.

But you can save time by sending Homer on a plant shift when about 15h50m are left on the Hibbert practice. After finishing the practice Burns will trigger the plant shift (if you are the right level and he is available) and when Homer finishes his plant shift a few minutes later it will count as completion of the task even though you started it before that task was triggered. This should even work if you mess up the timing and Homer finishes early etc. as long as you wait to tap the 'task finished-thumbs-up' until the task was triggered.

This works for all long tasks where you know that they are coming at a certain time (when something else has finished) and the one triggering the task isn't the one having to complete it. Though I mostly use it for the tasks that come before I can start a new building because I want to start the next building immediately after completing the one before.

Hope a few people will find this useful 8).
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