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Unable to purchase character Libido for second game

In a perhaps misguided attempt to support this game I purchased Libido (for real money!) for my main game. Now, a week later I decided to get her for my second game. I’m on iOS and after “purchase successful” I get an additional message that I already purchased the character and would I like to get it again for free. I click “yes” and again get “purchase successful”. However Libido is nowhere in the inventory of my second game. She is still in the purchase donuts section, so I go through the whole procedure again with the same results. Frustrating


  • Although I'm not familiar with how Apple store works it seems like they have saved the purchase information either to your Apple account user ID or the device ID so when you attempt to purchase it for your 2nd game it thinks that you have somehow lost it from your original game and want to add it back.
  • Thanks for your comment. In previous events when I purchased a character as part of a donut deal, I would get the “you already purchased it, would you like to get it again for free?” message, I would reply yes and the character would be in my inventory- a big savings with 5 games!

    This time it’s not happening that way; the character just shows up endlessly on the purchase donut sections. I am willing to pay in each game, but it doesn’t let me.
  • Sounds like EA got wise to your loophole there @Surfcitygal and in attempting to close it they shot themselves in the foot, D'oh!
    Guess they put Homer in charge of the coding when they shoulda used Database or the University Nerds. 😂
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