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Thanks EA, SSB quest finally works :)

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edited March 2021
Woohoo - they've fixed the quest to unlock SSB.
Needed to reload my B town a couple of times, or maybe it was collecting tasks and having people free, and it triggered the Flaw and Order Pt.1 dialog again ( sure I was on Pt.2 15 months ago but oh, well )
After all this time my little town is starting to get huge so to make things simple I thought to try Other Springfield, where I'm so used to finding him it's easy.
Tapped on Bob once then back to my town for the dialog and on to Pt.2
This time 3 visits to Other Springfield, only going to the friends towns map in between to save time, and finally back to my town for the next bit of dialog.
Pt.3, 5 visits to Other Springfield, as before, then back home for the end of quest dialog and a long awaited SSB in my town. Yippeeee.
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