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  • amuck10
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    Anyways. So I checked and while there were a few minutes of weirdness It apparently worked out... I think. I got a confirmation of the trouble call # but no other communication. Good results. Here is my response/second message that I sent ea as a result. What do you think?

    "Same case. This is just to say thanks... I think. I took 10 hours to do yard work for the in laws and when I cam back I could see the "building in progress" framework where my sunsphere was supposed to be. Please note that it had no check mark or time left displayed. I went to kl for a minute or two and when I came back it had the complete check mark displayed. I clicked it and my sunsphere is back. I will be honest and say i was so excited i did not notice if it paid out exp again. Whether this was a simple glitch that lasted days, or you guys fixed it that quick without even having to email me with questions, I am thankful. Keep up the good work.

    Feel free to send free donuts anyways:)
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