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I have not been able to log in for four days

Is there something wrong with the servers? I have not been able to log in for four days. I have a strong WiFi signal and a good internet connection on my iPhone, which is where I play the game. But when I touch the game icon, I get the "Cannot connect" page and the button to retry connecting. And then it bombs out on me and puts me back on the Cannot Connect page again and it counts down from 17 to 0 and will not reconnect no matter how many times I try.

What is going on here? And how do I break out of this loop? Uninstall and reinstall the game on my phone, or what?


  • If, as I suspect, you've left the game running in the background it sometimes gets stuck like that.
    When it's stuck looping on retries head to recent apps and swipe it off to close it then find it on your home screen and re-launch the app.
    It might get that Bart screen once more but retry should work first time.
    If it still loops go and close it down again. That usually sorts it for me on an Android device.
    If using recent apps to close doesn't help then try going to settings and force close the app that way and also clear cache while you're there. That probably will end up with Bart as it loads, but usually only once.
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  • Try everything @1-Graham-S said first, if you still have no luck, before you go down the uninstall /reinstall route also try powering off your phone, wait a whole minute and then reboot it. I often have to do this after an event update just to get the app icon to change.
    Also I can't explain it but from time to time I have had success with making my phone "forget" my WiFi network and then "rediscover" it, input your network key and then it all works again. Let's call that electronic cabin fever from being in lockdown, connected with the same WiFi network for the last year, phones like to be out there meeting new people and connecting to new networks.
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