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Future Proofed home Ladybot



  • 1-Graham-S
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    edited April 11
    I do know it was unique, having missed out in the past with LadyBot being bundled when I had just the building already. I can only guess at the change in status, and I'm undecided on adding more.
    ( I've got all the land and I'm still running out of room after getting multiples of allsorts previously )
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  • 1EllieG7294
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    edited April 12
    If they are not unique then there is no problem.
    All Mikey and I wanted was a little skepticism and caution and we got called liars.
    And now there seems to be a campaign to prove us wrong.

    See that's how people get treated here even though we have been around a long time. Nice.
  • its no longer unique. it was changed sometime after probably when it was offered again i'll change it
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  • I know its been over 2 weeks and everyone has likely moved on from this but I just wanted to apologise to @1EllieG7294 @1MikeyM if I felt like I was calling you two liars and trying to prove you wrong. It wasn't my intention to make you two feel that way and if it was me that made you feel like that or I contributed to that then I'm sorry. I don't wish to argue or cause problems on here but I really do need to proof read my comments more and check to see if they come out the way I wanted them to.

    I really appreciate the help you two provide on the forum to everyone as its always great to help someone out with a problem or issue they have with the game or contribute towards a discussion on a post. I'm sorry if I did make you two feel unwelcome and unvalued on here since I wasn't trying to make you two feel that way.
  • 1MikeyM
    352 posts Member
    Yeah definitely moved on. And your comments weren't unreasonable or abrasive at all @PotBellyPigeon . All good here and I appreciate the shout.
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