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Golden Goose Realty

Where WHERE is the golden goose realty? Why won’t EA release it? I’ve got all the land I can get with cash and now I have to wait for the infrequent land tokens! I have been playing for eight years and this has to be the most frustrating part of this game, I do enjoy setting up my Springfield!


  • Pretty much every 2nd post on here is precisely this issue @CorinneHot, which just goes to show you how much the powers that be (EA not Skyfinger) monitor their own players' forum.
    Nobody can understand why they want to limit access to this, especially since they stopped giving land tokens as event or daily challenge prizes.
    The lesson here for everybody is obviously don't ever turn it down when it appears even if you don't need it straight away, at some stage you're going to. If you've been playing for 8 years then you've already passed on it twice, so keep some donuts in hand for it, or if ever there was a reason to buy a tray of donuts from the store then getting this would be the reason to.
    Many suspect that is the real reason why EA limit it's availability in the first place.
    Hopefully for your & many others' sake it should be due another re-release sometime soon, as the latest generation of players who started their towns after the last time it was made available will soon be approaching the limits of the land available with igc.

    Fingers crossed 🤞.
  • Golden Goose Realty is here! For 13 days YAY!!
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