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Recover account?

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My siblings and I use to heavily play Tapped out amongst the four of us, unfortunely two of us no longer play which means the tapped out account has got "more than a year ago" on the friends list.

Is there a way to recover the account?

We unfortunely don't have access to the email addresses that we used. Is it even possible to regain access to their account or is it just sadly better to forget about it and recreate two more?
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  • You technically don't need access to the email account to be able to log back in to the game, so long as you can remember the password.
    Where things get difficult is if you've forgotten your password, then obviously password reminders & resets will all have to go through the original email, so you're stuck then.
    One last option that you might have is if you followed best practice and wrote down your Origin I.D somewhere, you might be able to get help through EA support if you explain the situation.
    Good luck, and I hope it works out for you.
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    I deleted the quote so the spammers link isn't posted anymore


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