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Bug de connexion a mon compte

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Bonjour je n’arrive plus à me connecter à mon compte depuis plus de une semaine, sa me mais un message d’erreur «une erreur est survenue pendant le processus de connexion, réessayer. » . je suis sur iPad Air si sa peut vous aider


  • 1EllieG7294
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    If you get an error trying to log in:
    Go to origin.com or EA.com
    and change your password to have less than 16 characters with only letters and numbers.
    Watch out for the app adding a space after entering your password in the game
    If that doesn't work and you have an account,
    uninstall the app, reset your password, then reinstall the app do not play while downloading
    You can also try re-validating your email at ea.com
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