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What’s your hobby, pastime, interest, go to space.

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I know lockdown is coming to an end, but I just got this 3D puzzle and thought why not.
There are no measurements, but it is 17” by 10” and I think about 8” tall judging by the box pictures.
Could have posted sooner but admittedly, other than sorting stuff out I haven’t done much, so I’m posting it now.

The base was a bit tricky as the picture showing the pattern and colouring was not brilliant.
The diagram shows what most of the pieces are shaped like, but I thought that’s too easy.


I have got some other puzzles somewhere, will have to break them out at some point.
I wanted to do it yesterday but I will invariably do it tomorrow (ish).


  • KLmaker
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    About 2 days, okay, what now?
    I wanted to do it yesterday but I will invariably do it tomorrow (ish).
  • johncolombo
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    Nice job on the puzzle @KLmaker - Here's things I do:

    I started reading again last August. I've almost read 50 books since then (currently reading Stephen King's Dreamcatcher) . Fun fact and pro tip- I renewed my library card and have been downloading kindle books for free to my iPad.

    I've always worked with house plants and have propagated a few China doll plants ( Radermachera sinica) which I thought would be hard but it's not so much. I also threw a bunch of random flower seeds into a few pots- waiting to see what grows. I'm also propagating a few Ficus stems to make a plant for my next door neighbor.

    I've also returned to the gym after I got vaccinated a few months ago and while I don't work out hard, I do enjoy lifting weights for general fitness.

    These things really do, with shopping for fresh food for cooking, take up most of my day.
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  • @johncolombo What do you cook? Tell me your most prized dish😋
  • johncolombo
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    @johncolombo What do you cook? Tell me your most prized dish😋

    Honestly I eat pretty clean- protein source/steamed vegetables. I do make this salad on a fairly regular basis though:
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  • 168sean168
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    Interest and hobbies change with time. Currently my main pastime is my daily walks. I cover on average 15,000 steps a day. I would walk to a neighbouring town, eat there and then walk back. I got a gym membership but I do not like to go there. Some of the people there like to talk loudly without their masks on and I am afraid of the virus. Once in a while, the perks of going to gym is seeing ladies in exciting gym wears.

    I also like to watch movies and selected dramas as can be seen in my frequent posts of last film watched. I think this is my most enjoyable pastime.

    I water my plants daily and feed and manage my pets of aquarium and turtle. The plants actually were handed down from my mother. Relatives have asked me to throw them away but I could not bear to do so. I was also told to release my turtle but I don't want to. My aquarium is left with three small fishes of platy, cardinal tetra and a yamato shrimp. Part of me wanted to shut it down due to the electrical bills of the pumps and lightings. I have stopped turning on the light and stopped supplying Co2. I no longer have any aquatic plants in it.

    In terms of serious hobbies, I guess it would have to be dancing. I could dance Salsa, Merengue and Bachata and Rueda and have spent thousands of dollars on it on classes. At the peak of my interest, I could be dancing every night. I started learning when Nokia phone was the top hp brand. But the studio I learned from forbade us from taking video so it was hard to remember the moves. There was hardly any videos on YouTube too. But later on, most dance studios allowed you to take the videos and handphones became smartphones. I have stopped dancing after a back pain appeared. There were also complicated relationships in the community and it was no longer that enjoyable. And actually due to Covid-19, there are no more social dancings. There are practice nights with fixed partners at a higher entrance fee. I have a feeling that they could be switching partners secretly. I have not returned to dance floor.

    In my early days of working life, I liked to buy CDs. I mainly gathered the greatest hits collections and most were artists from the 80s. I like soundtracks too and some jazz. But I will definitely say no to heavy metal. One of the noisiest CD I have is Trainspotting. I usually listened to it back then when I was feeling upset. The last CD I bought was Dance Again by Jennifer Lopez. I have stopped buying, mainly because I do not have space anymore and also do not want to spend the money. And actually, almost all the CD shops here had closed down.

    I also collected many DVDs of movies. I wished I had not done so. Then later I entered a phase of buying Clone troopers. I think Star Wars Attack of the Clones has many interesting troopers and it was hard to find them. It was a regrettable pastime. I think they no longer have much value after Disney ruined the series.

    One of my favourite pastimes in the past was to visit bookshops and I could spend hours in it. But ironically after I bought any books, I ended up not reading it. Because I didn't have time back then to even read my technical books for my job. Toxic working life stole my youth. Most bookstores have closed down here. The biggest bookstore we have now is Kinokuniya.

    So that is about it. I got carried away and wrote too much.

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  • 4junk3000
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    I want to build a nano brewery and pub in the style of your puzzle! (It'll never happen)
    "You're the most negative person I've ever seen on here. Constantly."
  • pircle14
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