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Set up a Cash farm

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Ive just started to set up my first ever cash farm and I wanted to ask you guys for help.

- Is it worth to buy blue houses for 216.000 cash?
- what's the time span of the price resets from the houses?
- what's the most effective way to build a cash farm?

My income: 1.5 mio/ a day
bonus percentage: 350%


  • What works best for you @patricko2183 will depend on how often you can log in to your game.
    Pick the houses that pay out at that interval and spam that buy button.
    White houses are 12hr intervals, blue are 8 hrs, they're the ones that I used way back. The pink, purple & orange houses are 2,4&6hrs I think in that order but I could have them backwards, they're not so useful as the payouts are less especially overnight.
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