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Outdated email address

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My game is using an email address that is no longer active. I started playing this game in 2014. I also created another account to play the game more with a different email address. I can still receive emails with that one. I would like to continue playing with my original name due to having more stuff and donuts. How can I get back on to that one?


  • My only suggestion @tyrfanatic85 would be if you have your Mayhem I.D from your 1st game, you may be able to get someone in support to transfer it across to a new account.
    They might be reluctant to if it's been dormant for a long time, and they tend to be more sympathetic if you've ever made any cash purchases through it.
    Let us know if you have any luck with that, as I think that if they insist on this new 2 step verification debacle there's going to be a heap of people looking for a similar solution.

    Good luck.
  • tyrfanatic85
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    Thank you for the advice @TheRealTiminator , I got ahold of them unfortunately I can't remember the information on making the account. There is nothing they can do.
  • Sindall08
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    Hiya, i am having the same problem, my email address is a very old one that i can no longer access, i have the details from when i created the account, but not sure who i need to contact to update the email address, i have not been able to continue playing because i can no longer sign in :(
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