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A clue to not getting codes perhaps.

I know one affected player not receiving codes couldn't be sent a PM from here.
I've tried to send a Forum PM to a couple of other affected players and that failed too.
There may be a link perhaps, that might give the coding team or Help a clue.
I don't know if there's anything in the EA account settings or something that a player could change to fix this for themselves though, sorry :(
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  • I'll expand on that by adding :
    A lot of the affected players not even receiving codes seem to have been tapping for a fair few years and there have been changes to the account system used in that time.
    I suspect some old problem lost in the account transfers from way back has gone from a minor irritant, oft unnoticed, to a complete and utter nightmare.
    Perhaps the answer is to create new accounts and get EA to transfer your game data over to that account instead. Just the actual game data though, not any account settings that might break it again.
    You'll often find me on tapped-out.co.uk
  • simpsonare
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    I was getting the verification code. But I was having a issue of it being accepted. I cleared data and forced stopped and that fixed it though.
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  • Reading between the lines on Answers it seems EA have realised they need to action some "Account Updates" for those not getting codes. Perhaps this helped point out an issue after all.
    It does mean they might now know how to help you - I hope
    You'll often find me on tapped-out.co.uk
  • You'll often find me on tapped-out.co.uk
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