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Can‘t logon - required code won‘t be send

I can‘t use the app since a while due to a mandatory code which should be provided but won‘t be send to my e-mail adress.

Any hints how to proceed?


  • impeeder
    1 posts New member
    Same issue here. Spent about half an hour on chat even setup a secondary email but there’s no way to login to the game with the secondary email so…nothing. Then was told it is a known issue and to check social media. I said I don’t have any and they gave me the link to the forums.
  • That‘s the default answer by customer support- they still don‘t care!
  • cancel1009
    1 posts New member
    I can't play the game because I don't get the authentication code by email

    I sent it several times and waited, but I have never received an authentication code.

    I set up an auxiliary email and reinstall it, but the email does not arrive.

    Go ahead and solve the problem or let me know how to solve it.
  • They won‘t, either because they can‘t or they don‘t care….tried it several times.
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