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Friends in/not in game! What to do?

Two test towns. Two different results for adding friends. Both requests sent out within one hour. Is there any way to fix this?


This isn’t the first time this has happened. I’ve tried unfriending and sending the request again. (and again, and again)
Any help is appreciated.


  • It s also happened too me many times. It’s very irritating ! But I just wait en go back and back until my friends magically appear. I don’t know what it is !!
  • Castiel_Touk
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    edited July 2021
    I've started up a new town and mine does the exact thing and there's nothing on your side you can do as the problem is EA servers are do do.
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  • That’s why I just wait and wait . We players are very patience people, we must be ;)
  • 4junk3000
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    The game has had sync issues for quite a while. They appear to be low on EAs priority list. As in, they're on the list but that whole list is in a shallow grave somewhere
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  • This issue will probably get fixed around the same time as they fix the 'Glitch' which will be sometime never.
  • I was going to ask about this also. I don't really need friends at this point but like to let people use my Springfield to rank up. I was curious why they don't show up after I accept their request.
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