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new verification code sign in = back to level 1 ??

9 posts New member
since having to update my email to get the dreaded code sent to me , when i finally managed to log in i was back at level 1 .. Is this what other people who updated their email have also had happen to their previous saved game under the old password based login system ??


  • 11EEvey
    2642 posts Member
    this can just happen sometimes, log out reboot and log back in. Make sure you used the correct email address associated with your higher level town
  • tony
    9 posts New member
    I have to use the secondary email associated with the username I was fully levelled up on as the primary one never gets the verification code sent. Have tried dozens on times on that email to no avail. From what I have read even swapping them over will get the same problem ..
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