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Verification Code Doesn't Work

1 posts New member
I try to login to my EA account.
Game only asks for my email address.
Then it says: input verification code.
I do that and it says "invalid code".
Contacted support, none of their workarounds codes worked.

At no point am I prompted to input a password to login.


  • 11EEvey
    2642 posts Member
    make sure you have 4-6 gbs free space,
    uninstall the app,
    reset your password at ea.com make sure it is less than 16 characters with only letters and number in it, reboot your device,
    then reinstall the app.
    Do not play while downloading.
    try again to login
  • CadisEtram
    1 posts New member
    Did all that. The issue remains: I'm never asked for a password when i try to login on the app.
    Honestly, just going quit the game and make my life easier..
  • 11EEvey
    2642 posts Member
    they went to the code system it will not ask for the password
    many people have changed their password on ea.com and then the code sent to your email started working.
  • Having the same problem as well.
    Signed out, logged in, no verification code, uninstall and reinstall, still no verification code.
  • wwrsimon
    6 posts New member
    Okay, I'm now back in, thanks to an online chat with EA. My issue seemed to be with my e-mail account, which was taking an age to receive any codes from EA. My very helpful helper Ajay changed my EA account's e-mail address to another one, and I changed my password, and everything's working fine now.
    Phew... B)
  • tony
    9 posts New member
    yesterday i changed my password for my username .. and today i received the verification code when i tried on my primary email for the first time.. now i have my old game back :smiley: so it is possible.. keep trying
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