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Game is very laggy on Samsung galaxy s21



  • simpsonare
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    Grreedykid wrote: »
    simpsonare wrote: »
    I have a samsung 21 ultra being delivered friday. Looking forward to carrying my town everywhere I go now. Looking forward to showing others my town when out and about.
    Have you thought about printing your town out and carrying it around with you to show people? This way they can see it all vs scrolling through the different areas. Someone on Reddit said they show people when they go to the grocery store and receive a lot of compliments.

    What would the recommend procedure be?
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  • wadebear
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    simpsonare wrote: »
    What would the recommend procedure be?
    The absolute best way to get an image of your whole town is to scroll around it taking screen shot after screen shot (after screen shot, after screen shot) until you've covered the whole town. Make sure you leave a little bit of the last area in the shot so you can line them up more easily.
    Create a new image with an image editor like Photoshop or GIMP (free, but steep learning curve) - make the image big enough to hold all your images (multiply the size of the first image by how many are along the edges to get the size).
    Drop your first corner image in and position it, then Merge Down.
    Add your next image and make it a new Layer.
    Set the new layer Mode to "Difference", when the overlap turns black that means they're lined up.
    Set the Mode back to Normal.
    Merge down.
    Add next image...
    Repeat until done.
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