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Cannot visit friend's Springfields ... Cannot connect to server ...

I didn't delete anyone, however, ever since the update I can't access any friends either. I had about 50, not sure if that's alot or average or whatever, but a decent supply of cash and xp. As soon as I tap the bart/milhouse friend icon, I get the Bart disconnect scene that makes me want to put my iphone in a blender. And then set the blender on fire.


  • laroxyy
    9 posts
    edited November 2012
    I'm having the some problem! It's been like this for almost 24 hs ....
  • rubymccoachx
    22 posts
    edited November 2012
    Also experiencing this since the update! Haven't been able to visit any friends just keep getting the cannot connect screen hope there is a solution soon
  • gixer17
    6 posts
    edited November 2012
    Me and the mrs have the same problem. Sorry to all my friends for not being able to visit.
    Friends do seem to be able to visit me though.
    Come on EA sort this out
  • dipeedo
    1 posts
    edited November 2012

    What's the deal here EA? Fix the update please, it's pretty hard to keep up with the game if you can't visit your friends towns. Going thru withdrawals here!
  • worldofwhat
    19 posts Member
    edited November 2012
    having the same problem too
  • edited November 2012
    Same here. A lot more connection losses (and app crashes) since the update!!!
  • c-rod970
    74 posts
    edited November 2012
    Still an issue for me, however apparently some of my friends can visit me ...
  • mopowers18
    11 posts
    edited November 2012
    Same here. I have 30 friends and have not been able to visit anyone in the last 24 hours. Some friends are visiting me so it seems that some folks aren't having this issue.
  • chaiguy1337
    65 posts
    edited November 2012
    Same problem. :(

    Except things are getting even worse for me now. Yesterday I couldn't connect to friends. Today I can't even play my own Springfield for more than 10 seconds without getting booted with the same message and having to reconnect.
  • soph4soph
    18 posts
    edited November 2012
    I've got about 80 friends who I used to visit daily, but now since the update I haven't been able to visit any of them! I also get the "crash" message.. But I have had lots of friends visit me still :-(
    My game also crashes at least once every 5 mins, and ESP when I have collected everyone from the 60min kwik e mart!! I keep losing the XP and money! Driving me insane!!!! :-(
    Hope they fix it soon......
  • cheesypasta1
    698 posts Member
    edited November 2012
    it seems to be doing this with mine aswell and if it is happening to others why doesn't EA fix it so we can be happy
  • moonfairykiss
    12 posts
    edited November 2012
    Mine is doing the same thing. I can't visit friends :( I hope they fix it soon!
  • turbovr6489
    19 posts
    edited November 2012
    I finally fixed my issue with visiting neighbors after 3 weeks. I removed about 10 neighbors that have not played in over a week and now I can visit everyone again. I did try this same thing last week, removed 3 or 4 but that did not help. Not sure exactly what fixed it this time but I am starting to think I had a neighbor that hacked their game and it was somehow screwing up my game. Of course this is just theory as I have no way to prove it.
  • leedawg12345
    8 posts
    edited November 2012
    Yah I'm having the same problems as well. Super annoying, I'm bored.
  • mdfriend
    1330 posts Member
    edited November 2012
    Yep same problem here, I try to go to my friends, it flashes quickly, shows just the Other Springfileld, no other friends are there, then goes to the cannot connect to server. I was able to visit yesterday. I did delete a couple of people, but what is more odd is when I tried to add people I got the uh oh message as if I had too many friends.

    I like the game, but the constant bugs are getting to be a serious drag, this update has not fixed anything and added a couple of more problems, ugh.
  • tdh425
    40 posts
    edited November 2012
    This started happening to me now. I was able to visit my friends this morning with no problem. Now it keeps crashing whenever I try to visit them. I can still access my town though. I have noticed the game crashes more often. My game was updated a few days ago
  • mdfriend
    1330 posts Member
    edited November 2012
    Did some testing, rebooted the iPad 3, no change. Logged out of my orgin account and logged back in. When I did that I could see friend list and that showed all my friends, all the invites, and that all friends had logged in today or one day ago. Then I went back to visit the other towns and same thing, takes me there, flashes for a second, long enough to see a level 1 Other Springfield and no other friends to speak of. So they are in orgin, but they Erie somehow not connecting on the care river or the cloud.

    **** is all I can say
  • jbondra
    204 posts
    edited November 2012
    Same with me. I managed to visit all my friends yesterday, but today, no dice.
  • rocks_an
    2 posts
    edited November 2012
    I have the same thing I cannot go to friends towns at all I have about 20 friends and also when I play in my town it works but it says cannot connect.... Retry about every 20 or 30 seconds and then I hit retry and it goes back in.. Sorry friends .. hope I can visit again soon
  • emmap2208
    39 posts
    edited November 2012
    I deleted people who have not logged in for a while, still not working. Can not go to friends Springfield's - this is getting stupid!
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