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Newly Returned to the Game - Multiple Issues - Character Portrait, Tap Radius, Heights

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I stopped playing this game many years ago (at a guess I stopped in 2014/2015) but have recently reinstalled it after a friend mentioned it and I got the itch. I installed it onto my two devices and realised the mistake when they started conflicting so I forced the game to lod properly on just one device to be my primary (Android Tablet).

**EDIT** According to my post history here, I was still playing at the end of 2017!! Guess my memory really is out of whack!***

Once I finally got into the game and had forcibly loaded my old save game I of course went through multiple pop ups from things that have happend since I stopped playing (Krustyland being nuked seemed like the big one - why the heck was that done?? There was a note that we got extra land unlocked in Springfield to accomodate how big our Krustyland was but I don't think that happened for me, maybe because it happened so long ago and I've now missed out on the script or something...) and then some chatter around existing events for what I assume to be the current event taking place (or recently finished...) but then I started to notice that tapping the Character Portrait in the top-left corner wasn't taking me to that character, whether to complete their task or start them on a new one, I have to manually find them and do it that way. Issue 1.

I then started tapping around buildings etc to clear jobs and collect money/xp and found first of all that I was seriously zoomed in and couldn't zoom out very much at all, It was so zoomed in that some of my bigger buildings would almost fill the entire screen which really was unpleasant and unnecessary. I tried to zoom out by "pinching" on the screen but it only zoomed out a tiny bit. This may be a "feature" rather than a bug, but still...when the Simpson and Flanders houses together take up nearly half the screen, it doesn't seem right. Issue 2.

Following on from that, while tapping said buildings I noticed the tap radius seemed much smaller than it used to be, but it took me a while to notice because of how zoomed in it was so I dug into my memory and remembered the IRS building increasing that, I checked it and it said it was fully upgraded so something definitely seems to be wrong there. Issue 3.

From there I was reaquainting myself with areas and hopped over to Springfield Heights, I eventually remembered how to do the jobs and checked out the production buildings, only to find all the character tasks were locked and I had no capacity for items...not really thinking much of it I started unlocking as many as I could but it seemed really weird. Issue 4.

That's all I've found so far, after playing for all of 5 minutes, so there may well be more. Now I come here and search for these issues and find several posts from people reporting the exact same events happening...up to 4-5 YEARS ago! Advice was to log a call with EA and request a "rollback" which I did, and they don't seem to have any idea what I'm talking about. I look further in other places (e.g. Reddit) and see that they're specifically saying you need to ask for a rollback to your last good save and give a date...I wouldn't have a CLUE what the "last good state" save is as I can't even remember when I stopped playing other than approximating, and these issues weren't in the game back then, presumably my game should be in a "last good state" already...

Any suggestions of what to do here? Or should I forget about it and uninstall the game again? :disappointed:


  • Only EA can help you with this. did you play recently at all without these issues or did it start as soon as you opened the game again? f you can't guess when your last good save was, then I don't know what they can do. This is a very rare issue now so you may have to insist they help you, insist they upgrade it to a higher level of help. Try them on twitter and you could give them links to posts about this issue.
    If you want to play you could start a new town. It isn't as bad as playing in the beginning was.
  • I'm still waiting for them to reply to my ticket raised with them - hopefully that can be helpful.

    I really don't think I'll be interested in starting all over again, I played for a good couple of years at least, spent money, and invested a lot of time and effort and so have several premium characters that I'd have to have to do again...
  • Got a reply from EA...they told me to post it here so that I can get a reply "from the dedicated team"

    Now I play the waiting game...
    ...ah the waiting game sucks.
  • Are you contacting them by email as it is the worst way. Phone live chat or twitter would be better during US Central Time Business hours. They tell you to post here to get rid of you. Contact them again and insist they upgrade you to a higher level of help.
  • Live chat and phone aren't available to me because I'm not in the US, which Twitter account do you contact, and is it via DMs or public tweets?
  • It says to tweet them but if they help you it will probably move to dms, if they don't respond within a day, I'd dm anyway
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