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Persist, Restart, or Give Up?

I stopped playing this game back in 2017 for a variety of reasons - I didn't have a very good device to play it on (either a small-screened phone or a slow tablet), my Springfield had become bloated and sorely in need of a redesign which I wasn't keen on investing time into (plus the poor device choices), and I was getting sick of the heavy time investments, particularly for events, and wanted to be able to successfully play only 2-3 times per day.

Recently a friend was talking about the game and I thought I might like to come back to it, I have much better devices now, and a new outlook on gaming where I can more readily sacrifice the higher-level event rewards if I'm not wanting to invest the time needed.

So I reinstall the game, go through the updates etc and delve back in - a bunch of things have changed and I get a flurry of event tasks etc but I've hit some gameplay problems which heavily reduce the enjoyment of the game and effectively makes it unplayable for me, apparantly it's a heavily corrupted save state. While I'm working with EA to fix it, I'm not holding out any hope - every reply is heavily scripted (and in that very mechanical-but-made-to-sound-sincere language that is notorious with helpdesks not given any actual capability training beyond very basic troubelshooting) and they clearly have no idea what my problem even is, let alone how to fix it.

So I'm left with a dilemma - persist with EA support and hope they can eventually fix it, give up and uninstall the game again, or start completely fresh with a new game...not entirely sure how to do that, would I have to create a new EA account??

Has anyone started a new game after having played for a long time? How did you find the experience of restarting? Presumably you are more efficient etc but having to redo the whole time investment seems disheartening...


  • I've done it. Several times. I find it's actually interesting to have multiple iterations of the game going at once.
  • Some peeps have had success resolving technical problems with EA but it takes patience/persistence I don't have. I'd sooner start the game over than spend one minute of my life dealing with them.

    I don't think I'd give up entirely tho... in a lot of ways it could be fun to revisit the earlier game content. I think I'd take my time and not be as desperate to progress as fast as possible.
  • @wadebear @lucienleon519 - how do you go about starting again? Do you need to create a new EA ID with a different email address or can you use the same one?
    Interestingly I've just now got a fresh reply from EA clearly agreeing to roll back my save state so fingers crossed this issue is about to be resolved.
  • If I were in your position, I would start a new game, as well as contact EA directly to ask for a roll back to whatever previous save point they have on file for you. If that's a good save, then move forward from that point. After one event, you'll likely decide which town you want to maintain. And for the last year, time demands of this game have reduced significantly. So you may even want to play both towns. Many here do.
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  • @wadebear @lucienleon519 - how do you go about starting again? Do you need to create a new EA ID with a different email address or can you use the same one?
    You have to have a new email address. But what you might be able to do is:
    Get a disposable email
    Transfer your existing (messed up) game to that email.
    Link your current email to the new game.
    I'm not 100% positive that will work, you might ask around.
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