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Current Game Glitches Missing Tasks and IOS Game Crashing

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IOS Game Crashing Issue:

Please add a comment and your device info to this thread--

Missing Tasks for level quests:
Update 6 October 21 the new store update has fixed this for most people. If you are still having issues, do any tasks in your taskbook as you need prior quests done as well as the correct xp level to trigger the next things

Many characters are missing basic tasks needed to complete story lines

Bart Go Skateboarding, Skip School

Lisa Do Next Week's Homework

Skinner Be a Crossing Guard

Homer Do a Plant Shift

Martin Ride a Bike

Milhouse fly plane perfectly level

Ned Hold Emergency Bible Studies

Cletus Brew Moonshine

Willie Rake Leaves

I will add others as I see them reported

This is a glitch that EA is investigating.
Please comment your issue and add your Me Too to this thread on EA Answers
Characters won't stay on Task
Update 5 October 21 The new store update has fixed this issue
Sasha Reed Marge and perhaps other characters (King Size Homer has been having this problem for a long time) will not stay on task when the game is closed or you visit a neighbor.
Comment your device and experience add your Me too
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  • I'm having the issue with 'It's Pronounced Nu-cular PT.4' which is the homer doing a power plant shift.

  • [quote="JOEYDELROCCO;d-273946"]Hi, I've contacted ea support 4 or 5 times over this issue since Wednesday/Thursday and well I've had absolutely no joy doing any of the troubleshooting methods and reinstalling etc.

    Essentially what happened was I had send homer to do his power plant shift as part of the mission the title and then half way through the 16 hour period I decided to update my iPhone to ios15 and when I logged back into the game Homer was freely walking around my Springfield but the mission itself hadn't been completed. Since then it's never again given me the option to do the mission again and I can do everything else with homer and can even send him to do a power plant shift but it doesn't count towards the mission as it's not the gold/yellow colour option it needs for it to count. I'm completely at loss with regards to what to do, I bought the keys to the city pack to get me started at the beginning of last week and but Thursday the game is completely broken for me. I've told ea this and they say they're looking into it but I have my doubts. The advisor said I should post this on the forum also.[/quote]

    Sorry for the double post couldn't edit or delete the previous one
  • As said in my post they are looking into it. Please go to the link and add your experience and me too
  • I can't start the tasks to build the school or mo's so my game is at a standstill also.
  • In my Springfield the glitch is about "Skinner Be a Crossing Guard". I've informed EA about it. I guess now we have to wait.
  • I'm missing all the tasks to get Barry and Marge.
    I also can't finish the task "it's pronounced nu-cular pt. 4" despite having Homer do a plant shift multiple times. Totally stalled in the game and it's frustrating.
    (It's also not letting me login to save the game)
  • added info for the characters won't stay on task glitch to the first post
  • TrppinRod
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    Hello, I am having an issue where all of my characters quests have the red dot on them. Any idea as to why I can’t start their quests? I have tried everything to find out how to do the quest but nothing pops up!
  • 11EEvey
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    @TrppinRod Yes it's a glitch as outlined in the first post in this thread. We are waiting on a fix.
  • I also have the same problem - I cant get past the "we do need yes education part 1" and "the greatest joke ever told" tasks. I am glad I found this forum as this glitch is driving me crazy! My game is at a standstill :-(
  • 11EEvey
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    edited October 2021
    Update in the app store should fix the missing tasks issue. Let me know
  • Good evening EA,

    In my Springfield, the character, Princess Jules, from Into the Simpsonverse is unable to progress from the first quest. She cannot do the task, Make Princess Jules Burn the Land. I have updated the app to the newest version, 4.52, but the glitch still remains. Please let me know what I can do to resolve this issue. Thank you. 🙂
  • 11EEvey
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    @mar0323 No one from EA is here just other players. For your issue store the Royal Unicorn NPC from the same event and then do the task. Leave the unicorn in storage for the whole task
  • 11EEvey
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    The update may have fixed Sasha Reed not staying on task also
  • > @11EEvey said:
    > Update in the app store should fix the missing tasks issue. Let me know

    Yeah, works for me! B)
  • [quote="11EEvey;c-2208703"]Update in the app store should fix the missing tasks issue. Let me know[/quote]

    I'm playing on Android in the UK and I'm having this issue. I see no update in the app store.
  • 11EEvey
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    @Victoriewgubjgr you may need to refresh the store or search manually
  • fshearny
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    Hello, I have been playing the simpsons tapped out since around June 2021. Its a brilliant game and have been thoroughly enjoying it. However, since the Winter update I have been experiencing tasks going missing such as Part 2 of the Krustyland Tooth Chipper. As a result I can no longer progress through the game, as the only tasks I have available are Previous timed events, and Springfield heights quests. This is extremely frustrating as I've been in contact with EA help about 5 or 6 times requesting help, but completely useless. Does anyone in this community have any idea as to why this is occuring, and any possible fix, I could do.
  • 11EEvey
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    Can you please make your own post about issues you are having. Please be specific on what quests you are having issues with. Include your level and if you have Princess Penelope and Krusty's Giant Wheel or The Googolplex and Wise guy and the names of building or quests.
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