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Krusty Burgers in Krustyland

You don't get anything extra. Unlike Springfield, you won't get extra money. All it will do is help increase your star rating. The same is true for premiums there. They do not increase your multiplier, unfortunately.


  • LoquaciousOne
    12 posts Member
    edited August 2013
    Noticed same thing and wondered why waste tickets if they don't work like the others. Not only secondary Krusty Burger stands aren't generating tickets and/or xp, same thing goes for the Itchy & Scratchy store. For 1,750 tickets, that's messed up! Wish I knew, hope someone looks into this soon, but can't imagine it being this way intentionally.

    Much like the Squeaky Voice Teen mystery box gift bug where if you get one and already have him, you should get 30 donuts. Instead I have one in inventory that's useless until they fix it.
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