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Nuking question

If i were to Nuke my town, does everything store by event by any chance? Like halloween or the wild west? Or is it all lumped together and you have to sort through it all?


  • johncolombo
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    it puts everything in storage that can be stored. You'll get several warnings before it will actually nuke. Head the warnings unless you want to start your town from scratch.
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  • Everything is stored individually and the inventory is a nightmare.
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  • If you have sone areas that you don’t want to have to completely rebuild, do a mass store. Then you can restore the entire area in one lump.
    Nuke only as a last resort. Seen too many players nuke, get frustrated with trying to rebuild, and just quit. If you only play one hour a day, every day, for say 5 years, that’s over 1800 hours. I could take that long to completely rebuild your town.
    24*7=168 168*10 days is only 1680 hours. At 5 hours a day for 30 days it will take you 4 months to rebuild completely. Your choice.
  • I do not recommend nuking. Instead, store things in batches. By using the Area Select Tool to batch store items, you don't have to scroll inventory as much because you can go into the groups category to find items in their batches.

    So for example, everything that i want to put into a Maude Flanders Prayer Park, i group stored together. Later, I'll be able to select from that group, rather than hunt for every individual piece. This can be done with fountains, road signs, trees, vehicles, etc. Any group you want to sub index.
    All my designs look unfinished because i can't place as many plants, streetlights, and fences as i would like. PLEASE REMOVE THE LIMIT, EA!
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