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Maggie Stuck + Cannot Complete Christmas Quest + Infinite Donuts

So, I'm having a 3 part combo glitch - I guess when using the Office of Unemployment to put all my characters on 24 hour jobs, a TON of them went on the same job- like, maybe 200, 300 or more of them. Including Maggie, who I need free to do one of the sections in Part 3 of the Christmas event. But everytime I log on after clearing all of those characters of their 24 hour job, it's reset all of them back to that job completion spot - including Maggie, and allows me to clear them all, gaining all that money and xp again. While I do like how it's giving me tons and tons and tons of XP, essentially free, unlimited donuts, it won't free up the characters for job assignments. I've logged out and back in, uninstalled and reinstalled the game, etc. Help, please?


  • 11EEvey
    3084 posts Member
    Store the building they are stuck in, go to friend screen and back put the building back.
    If it is a building you cannot store, store a building that will store a person who is stuck in the loop, go to friend screen and back. put that building back into town.
    To avoid this, do not put more than 25 people on a task
  • TYVM , this worked!
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