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Lisa's Combined Babysit task only worth $275?

while i'm on a task rant - are we ever going to get a 4 hour task for Ralph?


  • HillyBillyOli
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    1hr task for Tatum?
  • NeoSEC28
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    1hr task for Tatum?

    +1 :thumbup:
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  • jwlizard76
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    What on gods green earth is daffy doing??? That's unwholesome :mrgreen:
  • FluidEmotion
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    snyder712 wrote:
    So it is a little annoying when they combine character tasks because sometimes you forget, etc. But that isn't what bothers me about now needing Rod/Todd for Lisa's babysit Rod and Todd. The annoying thing is that it is still only listed as being worth $275. What's up with that?

    For example, Rex's interrogate Flanders task (which has a funny animation so I don't mind it so much) is worth double the cash - so you get the 8 hour value from both characters. This is true with Smither's exercise for Mr. Burns, Leg's & Louie's interrogate a squealer, etc (all of which have good animations also, BTW).

    But with Lisa's 8 hour, it seems like you are better off having the kids do their own task and downgrading her to a 6 hour. So the thing that sucks is that it is like they just took away her 8 hour task for all intents and purposes.

    hulk angry.

    I agree with you, and with those that wish for a 1 hour task for Tatum and 4 hour task for Ralph. But Legs and Louie's joint task, doesn't pay more than 70$ for me. Meaning this task has also been forgotten, in regards to paying out the tasks real worth when occupying more than one character in a task.
  • mpwarner
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    Did you check the actual payout??
    I think that it is just the text that hasn't been updated.
    Re legs and Louie task. Since either can initiate it they are listed seperately but you receive both payouts at the end.
  • snyder712
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    RE Legs & Louie - i didn't check that one. I guess if it doesn't pay double, the person being shaken down in that task is the player.
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