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Ideas for long time players?

Wouldn't it be nice if EA could introduce something interesting for long time players to use their billions of game cash and donuts on. Money is pretty pointless, except to get more donuts, which are pointless too once you've got everything. Using donuts to increase XP to get more cash and donuts is pretty mind numbing now, I hardly log on at the moment, unless there's a new event.
Any suggestions would be welcome if only would take any notice


  • Long time players are few and also less likely to purchase donuts. There might not be much incentive for EA to please us old timers.
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  • Deadshot_DCU
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    They need to bring back certain things to keep long time players invested.

    1. Friendship Prizes
    2. Road to Riches
  • Something similar to the "Sky Finger" except for characters. But instead of clearing all the characters "out of the box", the item starts out clearing, say only five characters at random. Then, for each billion in game currency spent, the item upgrades by increments of say only five characters. That would chew through the essentially useless game currency but not quickly. I've got 493 characters in play right now. It would take me a long to before I could clear them all with a single tap.
  • Bring back Road to Riches with the giant toilet as one of the prizes.
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  • I've often thought a sky finger for characters would be a good idea, as I'm fed up of tapping 470 characters :#
  • 4junk3000
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    There are several things that can be done to entertain us more between events. Someone mentioned finding a daily thing in your neighbor's towns, and i have mentioned the inventory index and the locked jobs. These ideas listed here are also great. If we had all of them implemented at once we'd feel like we got a new game explore. But, it's possible EA recognises how low enthusiasm is for this game lately. There isn't much replying here in this forum, compared to years passed. I would like to see traffic data for their game updates at Google and Apple
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  • There is far more activity on Reddit.
  • saipaman wrote: »
    There is far more activity on Reddit.

    Off you go then. :smile:
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  • Sky Finger for Characters would be great. I have 545+ characters. My fingers are tapped out.
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