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Well at least we don't have to ad two more Kwikie Marts.

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My indolence went down half a star :x I had to add two more houses. Still beats having to add more KEMs. :roll:


  • butterfly26k
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    edited August 2013
    I dropped down to 4 stars :shock: but while I was rearranging things trying to fit in the high school. I had put king toots and a devil donut van in my inventory.......I did think oh bloody hell I hope I dont need another KM. All was good tho.
  • pinklittlebirdie
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    edited August 2013
    I just bought my 2nd kem, G'n'B and Krustyburger to decorate the high school with. I think I will be moving a few things in my town tonight. KL can do hour tasks while I re-design.
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