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iOS App Crashing at Login

Hi there,

I got logged out of the game - which happens from time to time - but when I tried to log in again, the app crashed.

I have the latest iOS update (iPadOS 15.4.1) and the new content update, I deleted the app and downloaded it again, but the app still keeps crashing.

Does anyone have an idea how to fix it?

Thanks in advance. :)


  • Im on android tablet same issue. I dont have a fix. Depends on how im feeling I'll leave it as i cant be the only one or ill delete the app and restart. Though if your having issues on ipad, id say there are more having the same issue.
  • @the_stiller
    I did download the game on my android phone and same issue. Except this time it popped up with a message that the game has a bug. Try clearing the games cache. I did that and nope still crashes. So all i can say is give it a few hours and try again, ill try again in the morning (aussie here) so fingers crossed.
  • 11EEvey
    3379 posts Member
    - Free up space, depending on device you need up to 15GB free space, actually for older iPads you need more like 25GB free space

    - Switch connection, try a different WIFI, use 4G or 5G

    - Try a different device, since you usually play on Apple, log in on an Android

    - Unless you play Anonymously, do a delete/reinstall

    - If none of this works, go back to support

    The following info would help support:

    - Device make, model, and firmware:
    - Time and Date of the Issue:
    - Description of issue:
    - What should happen instead:
    - Stage of Event does this happen at:
    - Error Message received:
    - Repro Steps:
    - Troubleshooting / Workarounds tried:

    Add your Me too and a comment on this thread https://answers.ea.com/t5/The-Simpsons-Tapped-Out/Crashes-when-clicking-EA-login/td-p/11427501
  • After trying with three different devices I found a solution by creating a hotspot with my iPhone to login through 4G instead of WIFI. Finally. But still an annoying bug.

    Thanks for your help. :)
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