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Storage techie help?

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Is there any techies here to help with a storage problem?
Like a lot of people I have trouble when trying to take a town portrait. It tells me I need at least 9gb or so storage.
So I tried installing an SD card and even deleted the game, then re-installed it on the SD card. But as soon as the game updated, it must have installed the updates on the device itself. So I was no better off. Q. is there away of moving the updates too?
I have a Samsung tablet.


  • 1-Graham-S
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    The game won't run from SD !! Move it back or re-install it again to System Storage.
    See what else you have that you can move - pics and vids is a good start usually
    See what you can delete or uninstall or which apps will run from SD
    Run a memory cleaner app and / or close all recent apps and reboot before trying a portrait
    You'll often find me on tapped-out.co.uk
  • I’ve got an iPad where no matter how much storage I free up I always get ‘you need at least 10GB free for town portrait’. Maybe if I did a complete reboot and cleaned everything out that way it’d work but I couldn’t be bothered. I can get a town portrait on my iPhone no problem tho.
  • pigsick57
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    I have very little on the tab, as I use it mainly for games. It seems to work OK on the SD card, but the updates must be on the internal drive, as it filled back up when the game updated.
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