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Dog day problems?

Is anyone else experiencing lag in the new update event? My game has slowed down so much, it's practically unplayable


  • I have a few issues. Lag nut also my dolphin keeps showing up as a character and when I click on it, it takes me to different areas of my town. Then once I do a blank character box shows up.
    Also when I send characters on task, it still shows their box in the corner like I haven't.
  • It isn't only your game, its practically unplayable for me too. Its that the main task is the characters going to lots of different buildings- my game lags every time a character enters a building normally, so I can't move anything in the game because there's always a character entering somewhere.

    When the game designers know lots of people have persisting lag issues due to the size of the game, why on Earth have they made an entire act where characters constantly enter and exit buildings for every task?

    I've been trying to get the game to go to Mindy for around 5 minutes now, just one action!
  • pigsick57
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    Just when I thought the lag problem was solved, it wasn't. Also there's a bug with the task window, with random characters showing up without tasks, including the dolphin, and even random objects such as fences and shrubs
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  • Yes here’s the same . It’s quite funny although :D
  • When I send Wiggum to collect whatever he needs, after I rush him he is invisible for about 5 seconds before I can see him and tap him
  • At first I thought it was kind of nice to find the npcs, especially the tiny guinea pig, but now I feel like storing them all when I’m trying to assign tasks. Yes, I can use the unemployment office but there are many characters that I prefer to assign visible tasks - most of those have to be assigned individually.

    And that’s a long standing issue: the unemployment office should have some setting about assigning visible tasks instead of just hours.
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