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Verification Code

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When trying to sign in the game keeps saying I have the wrong verification code. I’ve seen this has been and issue for at least a year, but I’m yet to find a solution.


  • 11EEvey
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    Go to ea.com and log in using your email and password. Once inside check that your primary EMAIL is VERIFIED and add an ALTERNATIVE email address and a real phone number (useful as alternative methods for security codes), then verify all your details.- Once you've checked everything, change your password to be less than 15 characters with only letters and numbers in it. clear the cache or uninstall, reboot reinstall let it fully download before trying to log in.
  • If you are still having the same issue, make sure you use lowercase letters in your email. If you use any uppercase, it will generate the same verification code, but will be wrong because it generated it for a lowercase version, not any uppercase version that you may have typed.
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