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Monorail quest line disappeared

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Hi :) I had the Monorail quest line which I was completing and after placing the Springfield Dump and doing some parts of the quest line, it disappeared. I believe I got up to "A Rail of One City Pt. 4" and finished that, as I remember doing that quest and the parts prior.
So this means I don't have the Dilapidated Rail Yard, can't get depots and can't build the monorail. I can collect trash at the Dump and get to 2000 pieces. Then it says to continue I need to trade trash for blueprints, and will open a window titled "Dilapidated Rail Yard" and let me get blueprints. It only shows the "5 Track Pieces" as the available items though, which I can get, but no depots, and there is no actual rail yard that I have to place. I can't get to this screen any other way than filling up the trash and clicking through from the pop up at the dump.
I contacted EA help and they said it sounded like a bug they would have to log. They said if I posted it here it may help it get fixed. Thank you :)


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