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Rotate vs Mirror

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edited July 2022
So as you probably know, most building are just a mirror image when you rotate it for example you can see the red bell on the right one way and on the left the other.
Then I noticed some buildings in this event rotated properly, even realistically, with unique left and right walls.
Maybe I just never noticed before? Is this newish thing or have we many other buildings that rotate properly?
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  • 4junk3000
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    Nah not new. Lots of buildings have unique L&R sides. I often try to combine all the sides which have extra trash cans, to make a street look extra run-down.
    For example, on this street, the PI building is a mirror style, but the bail bondsman and bounty hunters are L/R unique. So I had to place them a certain way to make all their trash piles visible.

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