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Limite d'objets

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Je suis très déçue par la limite du nombre d'objets. Je l'ai atteinte en 2 ans de jeu ?!! Comment je fais pour continuer j'ai dépense de l'argent pour être limitée aussi rapidement ? Regardez ma ville( trollwill7) je viens juste de la terminer et je devrais enlever des choses ? 😬


  • Trollwill7
    1 posts New member
    I'm very disappointed with the item limit. I reached it in 2 years of play?!! How do I continue I spent money to be limited so quickly? Look at my town( trollwill7) i just finished it and i should remove stuff? 😬 Can you increase further please?
  • 11EEvey
    3078 posts Member
    this is only a player forum. They just increased it a little last october. You will have to go through your town and remove fences that are behind buildings extras flowers and trees. Areas can still look nice without being so densely decorated.
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