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Verification Code still not working

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No matter what I do, this code never works! Always presents an error and I am never able to log into my account to play. I've tried resetting my phone, deleting and re-downloading the game. Left it for a week, came back and it doesn't work. Nothing works. Is anyone else having this issue?


  • 11EEvey
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    Go to ea.com and log in using your email and password. Once inside check that your primary EMAIL is VERIFIED and add an ALTERNATIVE email address (That you will not lose access to) and a real phone number (useful as alternative methods for security codes), then verify all your details.-

    Once you've checked everything, change your password to be less than 15 characters with only letters and numbers in it.
  • I have also been going round and round with EA about verification codes. That is, a few months ago I stopped receiving codes from EA, so was not able to continue playing my original game. i have changed my account email, changed my password, submitted my new and old email to them 6 times, after which they said repeatedly that that would overwrite the new game with my old one. They still have not recovered my original game. And each time I respond to one of their emails, my reply comes from a different person, and they ask the same stuff: fill out an in-game help ticket and/or submit my old and new email address.

    I believe at this point EA Help is worthless. They've lost my original game and won't admit it. CS way of conducting customer service.

    So, suck it up and start a new game. EA Help sucks and they really don't care about us.
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