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So done with this garbage ...



  • @dcacooper I echo the part were @11EEvey said to get another opinion on whether or not your game is corrupted. If they haven't told you why then this should be a reason to try again. Someone must be able to do something as these are tech engineers or at least supposed to be. But that's if you want the hassle of going through the rigmarole all over again. I know it's already been a long process for you.

    Either way, mate hope you get this sorted and back playing again.
  • I’m having the same problem. :( been playing for 10 years.
  • The advice you received from tech support is lame. Servers are in most cases these days, backed up. I would assume these game servers ARE backed up. If they truly wanted to provide great support to their customers, they would request retrieval of your corrupted file from an older backup and restore that to your profile. The game techs either don’t know this is possible (because they are not server/storage admins) or are instructed to not provide that option to you.
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