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Rant about Mary Tannenbaum

Skip this if this is nothing new to you as Mary has been here since Holiday Whodunnit.

But I'm really pissed with Mary Tannenbaum. Why was she written in the story of The Simpsons in first place. Is this the effect that Disney has on the Simpsons? Over simplified caricatures. Suede already sang about lonely girls in start of this millenia and it was tacky as they can be.

As far as I know in the show the "love" interrest of Mary Tannenbaum was Principal Skinners. There's a guy with bats in his belfry and I can see how any sane woman would dump him after starting to know him. So I do not know if in the show Mary was shown to disapoint in love because of that. If that happened the she has bats on her belfry also as one man is not all men.

Then there's the way they game handles her. In the game she meets the saint of man, Ned Flanders, and brushes him off when he tells that he has married twice and both wives have passed away. Did he and have they? In the game Ned has never married Edna and in the game Edna isn't even dead. So who is this mysterious second dead wife? The vegas wives are also alive in the game, so it's not one of them. So it is mystery. Except it is not. The writers in the game got their beams crossed and made a mess.

I'm not saying that the game should not have Mary Tannebaum. Of course it should have her as she was in the show. I'm not saying that one should depict her as dysfunctional in love if that is what was shown in the show. But I do object the use of Ned Flanders in this quest and let him hanging. It was not right by Ned.

It was not funny it was sad as sad can be both for Mary and Ned.

My question though is why is her picture oversized? Is there a somekind of need to make her stand up from all the rest of the games characters? Why is she diffrent than Femme Fatale who is also as dysfunctional woman as can be. And then there are the two young ones that if they ever grow up I hope someone straighten them: Jessica Lovejoy and Greta Wolfcastle.


  • I hate her because her building has a 24hr collection time, and I have an irrational hatred for them.

    Same argument with Les Moore from the Dog Days of Summer event.
    Trying to control the horizontal & the vertical. Do not adjust your TV.
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